The Road Across the Range

Is a series of landscapes which came about from a daily trip Dale was undertaking across the Eumundi Ranges. To assist her mother in living independently. The trip became a series of photographs which were then drawn up and converted into paintings.

It was from this series that ten new paintings was commissioned for the Sunshine Coast University Hospital which opens in 2017.

A Changing Charm

The collective noun for finches is a charm.
A changing charm was inspired partly by Darwinís study of finches where in he discovered that the finches gradually adapted to their environment. This was particularly evident in the adaptation of the beak size and shape.

The second great influence on captive finches is human selective breeding where breeders select for specific traits ie colour and patterning.

To Caress a Tiger

God made the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing a tiger.

Victor Hugo

This series of works came from a small series of cat paintings. The more I investigated the history of the relationship between cats and men and in particular the relationship between women and cats, the more intrigued I became.

Lino Prints

These lovely graphic black and white prints are a small selection of the lino prints that has been produced. Sometimes these prints were included as part of a show ie : Sex, Death and Deviance, but also prints have been created as one offs. Lino is a great medium, it can be created with minimal equipment and the carving process adds itís own signature to the work.

Weird Wise and Wonderful

Was my first solo show held in Martin Galleries it covered a pretty broad range of work and was very encouraging in the response it received and sales.

Good Vibrations